Bringing Palaeontology to People was a great success!

Back in February, we announced our first big project – a unique conference organized by Wild Prehistory, the European Centre of Palaeontology (Opole University, Poland), and JuraPark Krasiejów (Poland). We named it Bringing Palaeontology to People and its aim was, well, to bring paleontology to anyone. And by “anyone” we really meant absolutely anyone who is interested in this fascinating scientific discipline that brings as back to the past and shows as the amazing history of life on Earth.

The conference was held from June, 30th to July, 3rd in Krasiejów, southwest Poland. Krasiejów is a small village known especially for a unique fossil site that has yielded one of world’s most important Late Triassic vertebrate faunas. It is mainly known for the discoveries of the early dinosauromorph Silesaurus opolensis, the crocodile-branch archosaurs Stagonolepis olenkae and Polonosuchus silesiacus, and the temnospondyls Metoposaurus krasiejowensis and Cyclotosaurus intermedius.

Now, as the conference is over, we can happily say that it was a great success! The attendees had a wonderful opportunity to meet new people with many great talents and learn fascinating things, such as fossil preparation or how to conduct the fieldworks properly. It was a weekend of networking and fun!

Here you have some pictures taken during the conference!

Major part of the conference took place here, at the conference hall of the Science and Human Evolution Park (© Vladimír Socha).

But it wasn’t supposed to be just about science. We all were there to meet each other and learn something new. Many of us were already involved in interesting projects which we wanted to share with others.

And, of course, all participants were keen to dig something up themselves too (and, indeed, most of them really discovered some new specimens!).

And finally to most important thing – all participants enthusiastically expressed their satisfaction with the idea to organize this conference regularly. So, keep your eyes open and expect that a similar meeting will happen again in a relatively near future!

Featured image © Michal Matějka.

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