What is abstract

Abstract is a brief summary of research publication. It is often the only part of a publication that is freely accessible. Abstracts are intended to help the reader to quickly find out what the publication is about.

Why do we post the abstracts?
It is far beyond our abilities to publish an article or comment on every single scientific paper that we find interesting or important. Thus, we decided to create a section where we post the abstracts of new publications. Nevertheless, the fact that an abstract is being posted doesn’t necessarily mean that the very same study won’t be¬†eventually discussed in other sections, such as News, Opinion or Evolution.

“Too scientific” to follow?
We naturally realize that the language of the abstracts might not be easy to understand if you’re not a scientist. Indeed, we expect that this section will be useful especially for scientists. Anyway, as we keep repeating, don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to make sure that you understand the contents properly! We will be very happy to help you.

What does the opened combination lock image mean?
When you see the image displayed above while browsing the abstracts, it means that the paper is accessible for free. Click the DOI and enjoy the full text!