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You’ve read something interesting lately but didn’t find any post on it here? You just published a scientific paper and want to popularize your results? Write about it!

We are always happy to accept our readers’ contributions. You can publish in the following categories:

The News category is intended to cover the latest research in paleontology and related fields. You’re not sure if we want to publish on something you find interesting? If it’s published in a peer-reviewed journal, it’s interesting for us.

You can send us your Opinion on current issues. If you’ve read something that needs to be discussed further (a hypothesis that is easy to refute, a method that should be buried alive, a paper that was written with a clear agenda, etc.), we will be happy to see it and consider its publication.

The posts in the Evolution category are similar to those in News. However, they are usually longer and deal with a series of recent papers. The posts that are to be published in this category must discuss the evolutionary relationships of a group of organisms.

You can describe your favorite dinosaur, trilobite, ammonite, or anything else! If it’s known from the fossil record, we will be happy to have it here.

The People category is here to make scientists popular! We feel that general audience should be familiar with the people who conduct the most interesting research. Thus, if you know someone who just published something interesting, interview him! For us, those who do good science are as interesting as the results!

We are always very happy to see photographs from the field or paleontological reconstructions. Feel free to send us your images and we will publish them in our Gallery or as the Picture of the Day.

If you want to contribute in a different way, don’t hesitate to contact us!