One thought on “Picture: Neurodontopteris auriculata

  • January 23, 2018 at 0:00

    Hallo, where can i see the seed fern picture?
    Is it possible to zoom-out the small pic above?
    Because all i see here is a bad preserved indeterminable tip of a “fern like” pinna which obviously lacks all characteristics of N. auriculata! 😉

    Seriously! N. auriculata is such a beautiful species!! Coal miners in Saxony knew their big Cyclopteris leaves for centuries calling them “elephant ears”. Miners in Montceau (France) saved beautiful big fronds in 1988 (shortly before the mines are closed) and even in the Early Permian of Thuringia we knew tremendous specimens with their beautiful auriculate pinnules and the unique frond architecture.

    ..and now look at this “little something” here! 🙁
    Why the hell is such a poorly preserved and (most probably) wrong labeled specimen the first match for N. auriculata in a Google-search???

    Anyway.. Greetings from Germany!

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